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    A Well Exercised Dog, is a Happy Dog!

    What I have Learned Through Talking to My Dog Walking Customers in Stretford & Urmston

    booking a dog walker in stretford

    Every dog owner I have spoken to in the Stretford & Urmston area knows just how much their pet loves to be taken out for a walk. As soon as a dog hears ‘the W word’, they immediately get excited, sometimes to such a degree that it’s difficult to even get their lead on! As well as being lots of fun, regular exercise is absolutely essential to your dog’s physical and mental health and this edition of our blog looks at some of the reasons why.

    Just like humans, dogs need physical exercise to keep them healthy; the difference is that a dog is totally dependent on its owner to provide that exercise. A sedentary dog may quickly become overweight, which can cause them serious health problems and end up costing a lot of money in vet bills.

    It’s not enough to simply walk them around the block or only let them out for toilet breaks: a dog needs regular, dedicated walks to keep them in tip-top physical condition.

    So Why Should a Dog be Walked More Often?

    As well as keeping a dog physically healthy, regular walks also significantly contribute to their mental well-being. Unlike humans, dogs do not self-entertain and can quickly become bored, which leads to them becoming depressed and unhappy.

    To a dog, walk time is play time and they are highly stimulated in the outside environment with its plethora of interesting sights, sounds and especially smells. One of the things that a dog hates the most is being left alone all day while their owner is at work; this is clear to see by the fuss they make of you when you get home!

    Dogs are pack animals and so not only want but need to socialise, not only with their owners but also with other dogs. While out walking, a dog is bound to encounter other dogs and, through these interactions, learns acceptable ways of behaviour. Each interaction is highly valuable, building your dog’s confidence further and encouraging them to become a well-rounded, friendly animal.

    Book Me As Your Dog Walker in Stretford & Urmston

    In today’s busy world, it can be difficult to find the time to ensure that your dog gets the right amount of exercise that they need and deserve. That’s where Walkies Stretford & Urmston can help. I can provide a regular, reliable and trustworthy dog walking service at a competitive price to give you the peace of mind that your dog is happy and healthy. Whatever the time of day and whatever the weather, you can rely on me to be there.

    Get in touch to discuss your dog’s unique requirements!

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